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Stock #2016
MPG City / Hwy
Trans6 SPEED


Key Features Incredible power-to-weight ratio Race-oriented performance Track-tuned handling Aggressive new aerodynamic styling

High-Revving 599cc Four-Cylinder, DOHC Engine New compact, narrow and lightweight design features a tri-axis crankshaft and transmission shaft layout to optimize the engine’s center of gravity. This helps reduce pitch changes during heavy braking and gives the rider more-accurate feedback from the chassis Narrow engine design allows excellent ground clearance

Four-Valve Cylinder Head Compact valve train reduces cylinder head height Intake ports and coolant passages were developed using flow analysis for efficient cylinder filling, more power, and maximum cooling efficiency Forged sintered aluminum spring retainers are half the weight of steel retainers and allow higher rpm

Forged Pistons Forged pistons are lighter, stronger and more heat resistant than cast versions.

Ram Air Induction Central ram air duct produces a straighter path to the airbox for maximum intake efficiency and provides the mounting surface for the instrument panel, eliminating brackets and weight Flow analysis used to design efficient ducts to the airbox that also prevent water from reaching the air filter Compact airbox and air cleaner are highly efficient and contribute to the compact riding position

Digital Fuel Injection Shorter throttle bodies deliver improved over-rev characteristics Smaller throttle bore diameter helps produce more torque in the mid-range Ultra-fine atomizing injectors improve combustion efficiency, for better power output and lower fuel consumption

Pre-chamber Equipped Under-seat Muffler New exhaust pre-chamber is located below the engine and contributes to better mass centralization Revised under-seat silencer is significantly smaller and lighter to help mass centralization and allow for a more aerodynamic tailsection New exhaust header design contributes to improved exhaust efficiency

Six-Speed Transmission New cassette-type transmission features a racing-style gear stack to allow easier trackside ratio changes Close ratio transmission increases circuit performance

Racing-Style Slipper Clutch Racing-type slipper clutch reduces chassis disturbance when making rapid downshifts. This allows the rider dedicate more attention to braking and setting up for the corner Optional springs, spring retainers and shims are available to fine-tune the clutch for specific track conditions

Gear Position Sensor The convenient gear position sensor gives instant information to the rider, this is especially useful for improving consistency when testing new settings on the racetrack The system compatible with the semi-automatic shifters (legal in AMA Supersport racing) which temporarily cut ignition to facilitate clutchless shifts at full-throttle

Lightweight Twin Spar Aluminum Perimeter Frame Combination of pressed and cast aluminum components are welded to form the twin-spar perimeter-type frame. By combining cast and pressed pieces frame weight is kept to a minimum while still providing high strength and stability for responsive handling Chassis features optimum center of gravity for easy roll response, this is particularly important when riding through a series of esses or returning to vertical as the rider exits a corner

Uni-Trak Rear Suspension New Uni-Trak rear suspension system features pillow ball upper mount in place of the earlier bushings for a more direct feel and improved feedback Compact frame and engine allow a longer swingarm, which makes it easier to control rear wheel powerslides Rear shock is fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping. Ride height can be adjusted by adding/removing optional 1mm shims at the upper shock mount Equipped with a top-out spring which improves the rear wheel’s ability to follow the road surface when the rear end is light due to hard braking Small piggyback shock reservoir is designed to save weight

41mm Inverted Cartridge Front Fork New fully-adjustable 41mm inverted cartridge fork provides exceptional rigidity Equipped with top-out springs which allow the front wheel to better follow the road surface when the front end is light due to hard acceleration The main fork spring is located at the bottom of the fork. Because the spring is completely submerged in oil, cavitation is minimized, resulting in stable suspension performance even under demanding racetrack conditions Stiff settings are suitable for track use


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